With Easy/Fast Financing Pay 1% financing for siding, windows & roofing. 

Example – $10,000 Job X 1% = $100 A Month!
Home improvement projects can be financed for replacement windows, siding and roofing for homeowners. Our Texas Easy/Fast Pay Financing options takes only a few minutes to complete the application with approvals in 15 minutes or less for most cases. APPROVALS are easy with Easy/Fast Pay program even if your credit is not perfect. We have a wide variety of exciting options are available homeowners. We are here to help you get the financing you need and to complete your exterior home improvement project for siding, replacement windows or roofing start to finish!

Use Our Money Not Yours

Why take your own money out of your personal banking account when you can use our money. Consider this, why take for instance $10,000 out of your bank, when it could cost you a 1% monthly payment loan of ONLY $100 a month! Personal finance experts will tell you to use other folks money and not your own.

Your revolving credit account for new Hardie or LP SmartSide Siding, Energy Efficient Replacement Windows or a new Roof Replacement will have, no liens, and no closing cost or any prepayment penalties. This non lean will protect you as a homeowner and is much quicker than a traditional home improvement loan.

$8,500 Job = $85 per month payment

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  • Fill out the 1% EASY/FAST PAY application

With our Easy/Fast Pay 1% Financing, you will have the opportunity to accept or reject any offer(s) provided. Whether you are looking for financing for window replace, siding or roofing, Home Exteriors will do our best to find a solution for your needs. Standard interest rate with Easy/Fast is 5.9%, now that’s a great deal!


1% of the job cost: e.g. $8,500 (project) multiplied by 1% = $85 per month payment

Below are some Easy/Fast Pay examples:

A Roof Replacement for
$8,700 = $87 per month

Hardi Siding for
$14,000 = $140 per month

Vinyl Windows for
$6,500 = $65 per month