Public Adjustors. What are they?

Public Adjustors are professionals who are the ones who represent the interests of the policyholder in settling a property insurance claim. Public adjusters have gone through training and are experts when it comes to handling losses. There are many types of claims they can help handle such as the following hail, floods, fires and many others.


You may ask how a Public Adjustor might be compensated.
Well as far as the majority of adjustors go they are compensated by a percentage of the total settlement amount of a claim.
In most cases the amount of a claim that a policyholder may receive is much greater than the fee of a claim.

What are some ways a Public Adjustor makes a difference.
Well, when we file a complicated insurance claim one that may happen because of a disaster there can be many complications. In order to handle these complications you would need to be familiar with the process and most are not. When you file a claim the person who you would be dealing with is a professional who is familiar with the process. When you have an adjustor it helps because now you have someone familiar with the claim and someone who knows how to handle it as well and this makes for a much smoother process.

Advocating for a Policyholder.

Public Adjusters work on behalf of a policyholder through the entire aspect of a claim unlike a “Independent” adjuster.

What are some services a Public Adjuster might provide?
When you place a public adjustor in the filing and settling a claim they are immediately start to focus on what they can do to help and speed the process of a claim for their policyholder. They set their goal for the best claim settlement they can reach agreement on.

Adjusters International:

  • They tend to conducts a thorough review of the policy in order to identify all and any coverages that can and may be applied to your claim.
  • They assists the policyholder in so they comply with the policy’s requirements in order to make the process go smoother.
  • They undertake a thorough review of the loss in order to assess any and all damages undergoing a claim.
  • They present an itemized claim to the insurer.
  • They serve as a advocate for the policyholder.
  • They work in the best possible way to assure a speedy claim.
  • They are constant when it comes to communication with a policyholder. The keep you and your best interest in mind.