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In Amarillo, TX by replacing your old or damaged windows with energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows will reduce your energy bills and help your family stay more comfortable throughout the year. At Texas Residential Roofing, we offer top-quality vinyl window replacements from respected companies like Simonton Windows, NT Windows and many other major manufacturers. Simonton Windows Highest Consumer Satisfaction J.D. Power for four consecutive years, making them a solid choice for your home and your budget. By choosing Texas Residential Roofing for your home improvement needs, you can be sure you are receiving the best Energy Star Rated Replacement Windows that are Low-emissivity (low-E) and Argon Gas filled.


There are many different types of windows to let the sunshine in. From single to double hung, awning vs. casement, fixed, skylight, bay or bow, it can all get overwhelming. However, at Texas Residential Roofing, we can help find the right one for your window installation. On top of our different selections, we provide the perfect window to suit your style.


Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outwards using a crank handle. These windows are advantageous because of its energy saving quality, blocking air and noise from outside. Casement windows usually don’t have dividers, so a great amount of sun can shine through. One possible downside is having to turn the crank handle to open and close.


Awning windows are similar to casements, opening outwards with a crank handle. The only difference is they are hinged on the top. These windows are perfect for rainy days. You can still let the air in but keep the water outdoors.

Awning windows also fit well in tight spaces. They are best suited at the top of a wall for air circulation, releasing hotter air.


These windows are very common features in homes. A single hung window has two vertical panels on top of each other. The bottom panel can slide up to open.

These windows are usually cheaper than double hung windows and are one of the most popular options.


Double hung windows look extremely similar to single hung windows. However, these windows can open from the top and bottom. The two panels meet in the middle when both are open.

These windows uniquely make a natural convection cycle with hot air leaving through the top and colder air entering the bottom. Some double hung styles have a sash which tilts outwards, allowing for easier cleaning.


These windows do not open and are used primarily for the view and sunlight. Fixed windows are usually smaller in size and can be found above the door, by the stairs, and in the attic. Fixed windows are great for adding a view of the outdoors at all times.


Horizontal sliding doors do just that: they slide open. These windows are often quite large so people can exit into their yard or patio. In two panel sliding windows, one panel slides open and closed. For three pane sliding windows, the middle panel is stationary, and the left and right panel slide open and closed.


Also known as roof windows, skylights are part of your ceiling. They are great opportunities to add a special touch to your home. It gives you great sunlight and views throughout the various seasons and weather. Skylight windows are either fixed and don’t open, or casement that do open with a crank handle. Some skylight windows even have blinds controlled by a remote. Although skylights are beautiful, they can let in a lot of direct sunlight and heat. Heat resistant coating is available to make it a bit cooler indoors.


These are curved sets of windows that extend away from your home. Bay windows are three windows that curve by either 30 or 45 degrees. A bow window unit can have three to five panels that curve at 10 degrees. Bay and Bow windows are great because they add another dimension to your home or a cozy corner. They are well suited above your kitchen sink with plants, or on your staircase as a window seat.


There are many more options to customize a window replacement project. Instead of the standard square or rectangle, windows can be circular, hexagonal, or any shape really. There are also decorative glass windows that are even stained. Stained glass adds color to your home and adds a Victorian or Gothic touch.

Now that you know the different style of windows, there are a few more factors to consider before choosing your future window.

  • Suitability – deciding which window will look good in a specific area of your home.
  • Practicality – weighing the benefits of style to aspects like ease of use, sound and heat proofing.
  • Cost – some of the fancier windows like bay, bow, and customized may cost more than your standard single or double-hung window.

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